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The Red River Valley Pullers Association will be coming to Mikes Custom Trucks July 26th @ 6:00pm. Don’t miss this pulling event featuring 10 classes… 5 Truck classes and 5 Tractor classes! Check out www.rrvpa.com for other 2014 events.
We have an extra attraction, Elvis impersonator Tom Patton, will be giving us some 1/2 time entertainment during the show for some cool oldie’s tunes see you there!

-- Thanks From Mikes Custom Trucks


Browse our updated events page for excited Dyno days and RRVPA event.

Check out our custom services to build your gasoline or diesel engine complete with a full dynomometer run to show the results.

Mike's recently added custom P-Pumps to unleash the power of your street Cummins powered Dodge pickup. Check back for more details or call for a custom quote.

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